What Women Want (Women’s Day)

women's day

What Women Want

Women’s Day special

(from my Editors Desk of Living Local Mumbai magazine March 2017 issue)

I decided to write this month’s editorial note on the theme of this issue: Women’s Day. So I started by randomly asking a few female friends if they remember what they did the last couple of years on March 8th. Standard answer- No specific recollection. (Note: I didn’t mention the relevance of March 8th)

I started looking back to reference my first few memories of Women’s Day. I went back to my childhood and I don’t remember any such specific day. Neither in school or college. Maybe sometime back when social media made sure that no one missed these dates.

The question that came to my mind- are we celebrating Women’s day or celebrating Women? As per my understanding the latter does not need a day. I was raised by a woman (my mother) whom I celebrate everyday. Grew alongside my sister who had a poster in the room that read  “Anything boys can do… girls can do better”. I celebrate her and a lot of other women everyday in some way or another.

Relevance of Women’s Day

So what’s the relevance of Women’s Day really? Digging deep I found it started somewhere around 1909 as a remembrance to some women’s workers union strike. Over the years it is essentially marked as a celebration of Women’s economic, political, social and cultural achievements.

While we have a specific date in an year marked for specific days, it’s important for us to remember their significance beyond just a social media reference. Women today, all over the world, have achieved the greatest heights. I had decided to dedicate an article every month in our magazine called #WhatWomenWant (see inside) simply to highlight these very achievements that should be celebrated all the time.

Ask the Women

I always go back to my mother for the best advice or feedback and I did for this very subject as well. I asked her- “What is it that Women Want?” Her reply, “At the most basic level… the same thing as what Men Want- Respect & Love! Rest all follows.”

This Women’s Day go out there and ask a woman today in your life #WhatWomenWant. THEN RESPECT THAT. #WomensDay #NayiSoch

On that note Love & Respect to all the Women and Men and wishing everyone the highest achievements and celebrations in life.

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