Why vote for BMC elections this year?

We live in a very vocal society today with a plethora of channels for our voice to reach other people. We are more aware of our surroundings than we ever were. It takes a click of our camera-phone to capture what’s missing, what’s bothering or what needs attention. All in the name of better surrounding, better infrastructure and better civic amenities.

So here’s a chance this February for all us Mumbaites to do what actually counts. Vote! The BMC elections are around the corner and so is the fate of your neighborhoods. Complaining is passé. We have the control over deciding the fate of who takes charge to serve our neighborhoods for the next 5 years. We’ve had a very low turnout (less than 50%) over the past few elections. That means every other person had chosen not to vote. That’s not the sign of a well-informed society.

So let’s change that this 21st of February. Let’s go out and vote the candidate that best seems fit for the post of serving our Ward/ our neighborhoods. Do a little research on them, gauge their promises, question their motives and then make a well-educated vote.

Our duties don’t start or stop at complaining the lack of something. Our duty starts with exercising our right to vote the candidate best suitable for our neighborhoods and then continuing along with them to make it a place worth living.

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(The above blog is from my Editors Note on the Living Local Mumbai Magazine Feb 2017 issue)

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