New Years Resolution for the Year

new years resolution

It’s that time of the year when resolutions are flying all over your head. You pick some incomplete ones from the last year and reinvent some new ones. Chances are we have forgotten most of the ones we promised to ourselves last year or the year before. Why? Think about it. If they were so important you wouldn’t have forgotten them and probably as a result of that you would have completed most of them in the given 365 days timeline.

I have a friend who has a resolution to Lose weight… every year. That’s not a resolution. That’s a desire. Resolution would be to go workout 5 days of the week and the result would be the desired effect.

We all make resolutions. Elders may not openly talk about them. Kids proudly claim theirs on the 1st day of the year. But we all make resolutions in some form or another. Humans want change… for the better. They want the coming year to be better than the last one. We like to believe that every year begins with a clean slate. It begins with a hope of a better life – materialistic or spiritual or personal.

But is there a trick to achieve that?


I’d like to believe there is. And it lies in these three simple words – Follow Your Heart. It’s not a secret mantra. It is the simplest mantra. A mantra I make a point to follow every year.

I have tried to stay consistent with this mantra for quite a few years now. It may sound too generic if you read it the way it is. But if you simply apply it and follow it, you won’t need another resolution. If your heart desires to Lose weight… you will work towards it… every single day of the year. ‘Cause your heart desires it. If your heart desires to start writing your own blog this year… you will. ‘Cause your heart desires it.

There is so much to attain and so much to accomplish. There will be unending lists to all that. Try putting this 1 item on the top of your checklist – ‘Follow your Heart this year’. It’s worth a shot. You never know what all gets accomplished as a byproduct of this one simple mantra (read as resolution at this time of the year). The magic of a magnificent 2017 awaits all of us. Follow your Heart!

So here’s wishing that you fulfill all your resolutions this year.

A very Happy New Year!

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