Made In India

made in india

Every product bears a stamp of its origin country. I am a product that proudly wears that unseen stamp called- Made in India. It’s not about being born in this motherland, nor is it about being raised here. It is about what makes us inherently Indian.


I was 21. A lanky, teary-eyed, fella leaving for the USA for my higher studies. My tears were a honest representation of how much I was going to miss my family and the friends I grew up with. Here’s another honest truth- There was not a single tear that dropped in the name of being away from my country where I grew up.

Being Indian was a concept that I was first introduced to during the orientation in my University (Clemson, South Carolina). A fellow American student casually asked, “Where are you from?” For the first time in my life I was going to utter the words that I had never needed to before- “I am from India”. It’s not something that you are ever asked in your own country.


USA is like a melting pot. A beautiful mosaic where individuals added the colors and flavors of their respective countries. As much as I wanted to discover and explore the new country and the different cultures there, my non-Indian friends were just as curious to know my background, my culture; simply put- things that made me Indian. Soon enough, more than belonging to India it became about representing India.

I realized more and more about the beauty of India when I had to share it with others. The more I shared, the more I came to realize what it means to be an Indian. While I may have started wearing clothes and eating food that was not made in India, everything on the inside screamed Made in India. The values, the culture, the celebrations, the connections, the relations; everything that made me Indian.


All this would have not made sense if I was writing this while sitting in a swanky downtown office in a skyscraper in an American city. I fondly write my memories from my motherland India where every now and then I swat a mosquito that tries to suck my Indian blood.

I can only imagine the sense of pride going through all the Indian Olympians in Rio. Every bit of sweat and blood that was soiled by them in India being represented on the Worlds biggest stage of sports. The tricolor hasn’t looked better before. Seeing it sported by the achievers like Dipa Karmakar who represent themselves as one of the finest products with the stamp- Made in India.

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