First Short-Film as Director

Back when I was using my creative juices as a film Director a good friend introduced me to the production house (Angela Films) looking for a Director to direct a campaign for MOA (Ministry of Overseas). Two short-films and Two 60 second commercial for the same. Shot in Hindi and Tamil.. Directed by Anubhav Anand.

We shot this short film in Film City, Mumbai. Close to a 100 extras and some fine theater/ tv actors in it. I still remember that in a 2 day shoot we had a few hours lost because of the Rain Gods. That’s when filmmaking school comes into play where you learn the tricks of the trade (apart from honing your creative skills) and finish the project within the shorter time in hand.

Short-films are a great way to test and hone ones skills for the bigger full-length films that one hopes to direct in the future.

Been over a couple of years now before I started my startup Living Local. This video didn’t come out in public until mid-2015. Now that I got this blog going I thought I’d share.

Lights Camera Action!

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