It always comes across as a trick question. Who are you? Twitter made it easy by giving a limited character space to sum-up who you are. Here’s who I am in a summed up character limited wording – “CEO/ Co-Founder- Living Local. Life is a Vision – Yours… Not theirs. Entrepreneur/ Filmmaker/ Believer/ Indian . Life Mantra- Patience. Persistence. Perseverance”

What the world knows… CEO / Co-Founder – Living Local. Editor-in-chief – Living Local Mumbai (Magazine print publication).

What I want the world to also know…

Character limitation on twitter couldn’t accommodate the 4th P (Prayers) in the Life Mantra. But since I have the liberty to extend it a little more on this page… here’s how it goes. The past 3 years life has been living and breathing the brand Living Local that I started with very humble beginnings. A venture that I started in April 2015 in a small tiny office which now has a print publication and a one of its kind social networking platform for neighborhood connect. This is the second innings of my entrepreneur journey.

Vision. The word that keeps me awake. When you have a vision, you have a reason for all things that follow. But the most important thing is the Vision be yours. No matter how small it may be… it’s Yours. I have mine. I can see it, feel it and love living it everyday in one form or another.

A filmmaker at heart. Everything seems like a story and everyone seems like a character. I thrive to play the scenes created in the mind with the tools of the trade. I might be sounding philosophical but I guess that’s part of a filmmaking trait. Filmmaking happened to be the first innings of my entrepreneur journey which is on a sabbatical currently. But always in the heart.

A believer. It’s the positive energy. The hope of maybe not “All is Well” but definitely the faith of “Everything Will be Alright”.

Indian. That’s who I am. At heart. Always loved my roots and the pride grows with each passing year.

Ones Life Mantra is something that comes with experiences. They are more of what works for you and what rocks your boat. My 4 P’s – Patience, Persistence, Perseverance and Prayers were formed over the years with each experience being a teacher.

So Who am I? All of the above and finding more about myself every day.