Ek Se Farak Padta Hai

Can one make a difference? Kya Ek Se Farak Padta Hai?

A question we often raise in our own heads when at the crossroads- to make a difference or not? Unfortunately a lot of us fall in the category of the latter and choose to go about our daily business with the belief that “Ek Se Kya Farak padta Hai”. We need a movement or a revolution for the BIG things to happen. And that needs more than just ME. So we underestimated the power of ME or I. Yes there is no ‘I’ in the word ‘TEAM’ but there is an ‘I’ in the word ‘DIFFERENCE’ and that’s what it’s all about- making a difference.

As individuals, I am the first step towards that ‘movement’ or ‘revolution’ to make a change.

I have seen one such movement in recent times started by a single guy by the name of Afroz Shah who has today put the Versova Beach cleaning campaign on the World Map. Over 150 tonnes of plastic filth removed. 150 freaking tonnes. Do you even know how much that would be if put together in 1 place. Crazy isn’t it. The crazy part is that when Afroz wanted to make this change and difference he did not wait for a Movement of sorts to begin. In fact his single act gave birth to this movement. \

Made a video last year on the subject “Ek Se Farak Padta Hai”. My take on the cleanliness drive sweeping through the nation lately. Here’s a look.

All BIG acts started by mere individuals stems from their belief that “Ek Se Farak Padta Hai”. Then then it’s a matter of all the ‘I’ coming together for that change. As a little kid growing up I remember watching an animation on TV (Doordarshan channel) called “Ek Se Anek” (One to Many). The same philosophy has been ingrained in our culture as well with various stories like twigs becoming stronger and hard to break when they are together.

Remember that individual fingers when together make a Fist and not the other way around. Make your ‘I’ count because ‘Ek Se Farak Padta Hai’.

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