Celebrating 3 Years – Throwback

LivingLocal Magazine 3 years

June 2017 (3 year Anniversary)

A small cramped up office space in an uninhabited old building. One employee just out of MBA school and in his first sales job. That’s where and with what I started as a fresh new entrepreneur on the block with my venture Living Local Magazine. This June of 2017 we are celebrating 3 Years of the Magazine. Wohoo! But looking back I have no clue how I gathered the guts to enter this unknown territory. Researched yes. Calculated yes. But still not sure if I’d be able to gather the metal do that again knowing what all it took or took-away :).

3 years into this and the brand Living Local today has also become Mumbai’s first neighborhood App. A co-founder and more employees in place, a swankier office, pan-Mumbai reach and online portal… I went back to revisit the very first issue of the Living Local magazine. The attractive Geeta Basra donned the cover. Though we eventually stopped the entertainment section and now concentrate more on Local Social initiatives we initially needed to make sure the magazine gets eyeballs and gets picked up.. right? What I was curious to look in the magazine was to see what were my thoughts as I wrote my very first Editors note. Here’s what it was. Today it may have expanded and grown but in so many ways the thought still remain…

geeta basra

June 2014 (1st Issue)

A New Beginning

Every thing known to us has had a beginning at some point of time. The birth of us humans, the existence of planet earth, the invention of wheel, you name it and it has had some beginning to get to where it is today.

“I can’t wait to Begin”. The excitement of beginning something new is a common human emotion. I remember when the thought of starting this venture first crossed my mind. The little buzz that you get when you get an idea and then you fire it up with your desire to execute it.

And here it is this June of 2014 that we have a New Beginning. A New Beginning to connect, to create that bond, to be part of something that makes us say-“That’s ours”. And this is yours, YOUR Andheri west community (locality) based magazine. You live in a society building and its Your Society Building, you go to a gym and its Your Gym, you go outside the city and you say “I am from Mumbai”.

The sense of belonging is a human need.

I have lived in Andheri West for over 8 years ever since I moved to Mumbai. This place is home. Just like me, a home to so many people from different places and different walks of life who chose to settle in this area. There is that unsaid bond – I am from Andheri West.

If a Yash Raj Studio stands tall in this area, so does an upcoming production house. If a Priyanka Chopra stays in this area, so do the countless upcoming aspiring actors. If there are Café’s and fancy restaurants mushrooming from Oshiwara to Yaari road, so are the chai tapri waala’s on cycle stands and bhel-puri/ chaat corners.

That’s Andheri West for you.

You may be traveling global today but you’ll always be Living Local.


Editors Note Page june 2014

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