Work Culture in Startups

Work Culture

One step into the startup journey and someone comes up and asks, “What’s your work culture like?” I’ve worked in the past with a startup to a big corporate. Somehow the word Work Culture was never defined as some 10 points on the poster of the office wall to follow. It was part of the […]

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Top 5 Entrepreneur Mistakes

One of the traits of humans – We make mistakes. That’s established. But our life span is not enough to keep learning from our own mistakes. Some mistakes are common to a subset of people who fall in the same category. In the case of this blog- Entrepreneur Mistakes. My 3 year stint as an […]

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Celebrating 3 Years – Throwback


CELEBRATING THE START A small cramped up office space in an uninhabited old building. One employee just out of MBA school and in his first sales job. That’s where and with what I started as a fresh new entrepreneur on the block with my venture Living Local Magazine. This June of 2017 we are celebrating […]

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Ek Se Farak Padta Hai

Can one make a difference? Kya Ek Se Farak Padta Hai? A question we often raise in our own heads when at the crossroads- to make a difference or not? Unfortunately a lot of us fall in the category of the latter and choose to go about our daily business with the belief that “Ek […]

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The Calling, The Opportunity and The Twist


“Lucky are those who have a calling in life.” I remember one of college buddies in the USA mentioned this to me 5 years after we both had graduated. He happily took the opportunity to be a Software Engineer and I had just quit my Software Engineering job at IBM to pursue my childhood dream […]

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The Local Chachi

Neighborhood Gossip Back in the days (so I have been told), there would be a neighborhood local Chachi who would be the one processing all neighborhood news and sharing with the ones who cared (or didn’t). I always imagined her sitting on a jute woven charpai (a four-legged cot for gen-Y) sipping chai, surrounded by […]

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5 Lessons on Entrepreneurship I learned from my Parents

Growing up you never realize the kind of impact your upbringing may have on your professional personality. The things our parents tell us, teach us, try to engrain in our day to day living, are all somewhere part of the connected dots when we grow up. Sitting in my Startup (Living Local) office the other […]

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What Women Want (Women’s Day)

women's day

What Women Want Women’s Day special (from my Editors Desk of Living Local Mumbai magazine March 2017 issue) I decided to write this month’s editorial note on the theme of this issue: Women’s Day. So I started by randomly asking a few female friends if they remember what they did the last couple of years […]

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Why vote for BMC elections this year?

We live in a very vocal society today with a plethora of channels for our voice to reach other people. We are more aware of our surroundings than we ever were. It takes a click of our camera-phone to capture what’s missing, what’s bothering or what needs attention. All in the name of better surrounding, […]

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New Years Resolution for the Year

new years resolution

It’s that time of the year when resolutions are flying all over your head. You pick some incomplete ones from the last year and reinvent some new ones. Chances are we have forgotten most of the ones we promised to ourselves last year or the year before. Why? Think about it. If they were so […]

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