Harry and Sejal are an Old MISMATCH


Every time there is a movie that comes out with the cultural difference of a Punjabi and Gujarati, it takes me back in time. When Harry met Sejal had the pull to take me back in time but not to a theater. This blog isn’t about movie bashing (already enough being done all over). The […]

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The Calling, The Opportunity and The Twist


“Lucky are those who have a calling in life.” I remember one of college buddies in the USA mentioned this to me 5 years after we both had graduated. He happily took the opportunity to be a Software Engineer and I had just quit my Software Engineering job at IBM to pursue my childhood dream […]

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Swachh Bharat- A Campaign or a Movement

A few weeks back I saw one of my screen idols Mr. Amitabh Bachchan on TV invite everyone for a short film contest for NFDC. The topic was what got me going. Something that’s always been close to my heart – Swachh Bharat. I remember a trip I made back to India from the USA […]

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What is my Startup? A catchy one-liner, service or product…

The question – What is my Startup? For the past few weeks, I was being bothered with this question that was self-invoked. When I started my startup Living Local there was a strong reasoning behind it. Reasoning for picking this over other ideas, thoughts, opportunities that were open at that point of time. And somewhere […]

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First Short-Film as Director

Back when I was using my creative juices as a film Director a good friend introduced me to the production house (Angela Films) looking for a Director to direct a campaign for MOA (Ministry of Overseas). Two short-films and Two 60 second commercial for the same. Shot in Hindi and Tamil.. Directed by Anubhav Anand. […]

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