Celebrating 3 Years – Throwback


CELEBRATING THE START A small cramped up office space in an uninhabited old building. One employee just out of MBA school and in his first sales job. That’s where and with what I started as a fresh new entrepreneur on the block with my venture Living Local Magazine. This June of 2017 we are celebrating […]

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Tolerance – What’s Wrong with the World Mama


What is Tolerance? “The ability or willingness to tolerate or accept the existence of opinions or behavior that one dislikes or disagrees with”. That’s how the dictionary defines the word Tolerance. The important part being “that one dislikes or disagrees with”.  Are we humans Tolerant? Are we as humans tolerant by nature? Deep down the […]

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Your Selfish Nature – Embrace it!

Human Nature We as humans are known to be selfish by nature. There is a tendency to question most of the things with respect to what comes in return. “What’s in it for me?” It’s a question that often pops up in our head while we meet new people, gauge new proposals, network and basically […]

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The Calling, The Opportunity and The Twist


“Lucky are those who have a calling in life.” I remember one of college buddies in the USA mentioned this to me 5 years after we both had graduated. He happily took the opportunity to be a Software Engineer and I had just quit my Software Engineering job at IBM to pursue my childhood dream […]

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The Local Chachi

Neighborhood Gossip Back in the days (so I have been told), there would be a neighborhood local Chachi who would be the one processing all neighborhood news and sharing with the ones who cared (or didn’t). I always imagined her sitting on a jute woven charpai (a four-legged cot for gen-Y) sipping chai, surrounded by […]

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Mumbai City Up Top

Mumbai City Skyview From a distance doesn’t everything look picture perfect? Distant from the chaos and the clutter that a metropolitan city embraces. Sometimes getting away from something gives a different perspective. Time to think of what we hate and what we love. Why we choose to live in a city that we live. Why […]

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What Women Want (Women’s Day)

women's day

What Women Want Women’s Day special (from my Editors Desk of Living Local Mumbai magazine March 2017 issue) I decided to write this month’s editorial note on the theme of this issue: Women’s Day. So I started by randomly asking a few female friends if they remember what they did the last couple of years […]

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New Years Resolution for the Year

new years resolution

It’s that time of the year when resolutions are flying all over your head. You pick some incomplete ones from the last year and reinvent some new ones. Chances are we have forgotten most of the ones we promised to ourselves last year or the year before. Why? Think about it. If they were so […]

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Swachh Bharat- A Campaign or a Movement

A few weeks back I saw one of my screen idols Mr. Amitabh Bachchan on TV invite everyone for a short film contest for NFDC. The topic was what got me going. Something that’s always been close to my heart – Swachh Bharat. I remember a trip I made back to India from the USA […]

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Made In India

made in india

Every product bears a stamp of its origin country. I am a product that proudly wears that unseen stamp called- Made in India. It’s not about being born in this motherland, nor is it about being raised here. It is about what makes us inherently Indian. WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I was 21. A lanky, […]

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