The Calling, The Opportunity and The Twist


“Lucky are those who have a calling in life.” I remember one of college buddies in the USA mentioned this to me 5 years after we both had graduated. He happily took the opportunity to be a Software Engineer and I had just quit my Software Engineering job at IBM to pursue my childhood dream of being part of the Movies.

The Calling

I could sense his jealousy. But not towards me. He was jealous of the fact that I got my “calling” and he did not face any such phenomenon. It’s not like I saw some white light in the middle of the night and the light spoke to me. I simply saw a path that I clearly knew I would like to get on. Most importantly, it made me happy – on the Inside. It made leaving the Outside happiness (the fat Dollar paychecks) pretty easy. At least at that time it did.

They key here is that the Journey of that particular Calling began. Ups and downs, highs and lows, I stayed on that path as it was my calling and simply put – it still made me happy on the Inside.

The Opportunity

Every now and then a different opportunity would come up and tap me on my shoulder. I disregarded its presence simply to not deter from my preparedness on the path of my Calling. Many opportunities came and passed, but I cared less. I was on the path of a phenomenon only the selected few in this mortal world shall be privileged with. (I am still talking filmmaking here, nothing spiritual)

The Living Local venture (my startup) that I started almost 3 years ago came as an opportunity a while back. Back when I used to shudder the opportunities away in the name of the bigger “calling” path. The reason to get on this path wasn’t really any “Calling”. My mind may have seen it as a tactical approach towards my original calling. A means to an end maybe. Maybe. But Anubhav Anand (just for the fun of talking in third person J) wasn’t the kinds to run after Maybes. The passion-driven, calling-follower person inside was doing something not true to his (still in third-person) nature. Or was it?

The Twist

Here’s a thought. If the same opportunity keeps knocking time and again, maybe it’s not really an opportunity. Maybe it is also a Calling. A simple adjustment of the mind. Isn’t that where it all takes shape? So I chose to acknowledge the Opportunity in the name of Calling. Still passionately driven, still happy on the inside and still loving the chase of the Dreams.

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