Made In India

made in india

Every product bears a stamp of its origin country. I am a product that proudly wears that unseen stamp called- Made in India. It’s not about being born in this motherland, nor is it about being raised here. It is about what makes us inherently Indian.


I was 21. A lanky, teary-eyed, fella leaving for the USA for my higher studies. My tears were a honest representation of how much I was going to miss my family and the friends I grew up with. Here’s another honest truth- There was not a single tear that dropped in the name of being away from my country where I grew up.

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Indian Monsoon – Let it Rain!

Image Courtesy: Manali Jain

Image Courtesy: Manali Jain

Let it Rain!

 I remember the time when autumn followed summer. I was in a different country, which had so much to offer, but skipped something very dear to me that I celebrated all my growing years- Indian Monsoon.

I write this above the clouds on my way to Mumbai from Delhi. Leaving the hot summer of Delhi (Monsoon still a few days away at this point of time) towards the pouring Mumbai. Excitement engulfs me, to be greeted by the weather that makes Mumbai city more awesome than it already is. More sparkle to its already glittering personality.

One of the ways we celebrate being a tropical country is by welcoming the Monsoons every year. Yes we are the privileged.

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What is my Startup? A catchy one-liner, service or product…

The question – What is my Startup?

For the past few weeks, I was being bothered with this question that was self-invoked. When I started my startup Living Local there was a strong reasoning behind it. Reasoning for picking this over other ideas, thoughts, opportunities that were open at that point of time. And somewhere in the execution stage and the marketing of the product, the answer to the Question got lost.

Is my Startup brand a product, a service or a catchy one-liner?

After making (conceptualizing and directing) a few video campaigns for my startup Living Local, I realized that while they were well received they were not creating an impact that was intended. Funny and quirky, short and sweet… but the message wasn’t getting across.

One night (that’s when most creative juices flow), I decided to pen down the words that best describe the ethos of my Startup brand. Something that resonates with what it really means.

Trying to stay true to the brands philosophy, the intention was to write something that touches people the way it touched me when I first felt that this is what I want to do. This is how it will make a difference… maybe… hopefully… in some small way.

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Don’t Say it- Just Do It… OR Say it- So you Do It.


People are always advising people how things should be done. The one advice especially catches my attention- How one should Do things. Two sides of a Coin kinda advice. One side goes- “Don’t Say it… Just Do It” and the other side– “Say it… So you Do It.”

Both make sense. But you can’t practice both. Often finding myself in the dilemma of which advice to use I decided to gather sense on the both these sides of this “Do It” coin.

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The Startup Book starring Mowgli the Entrepreneur

This is The Startup Book about Mowgli- The Entrepreneur. He lives in the world called the Startup jungle. This is his journey.


image courtesy: DisneyMovie Trailers/ Youtube

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5 Fitness rules Entrepreneurs should follow.

image courtesy: /

Fitness by default comes with some other benefits than just the exterior physical appearance. I remember being a skinny kid growing up. But I always had the aspirations to be fit. Trust me for a beginner that first step seems the hardest to get on the fitness road. Very much like that first step an entrepreneur takes towards his startup.

My entrepreneurship lifestyle has a lot of fitness rules incorporated by default. Here are my Top 5 Fitness rules that should gel in completely with an entrepreneur’s personality.

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Failure is for the privileged who Succeed


One of the biggest fears of humans is failure.

Will I.. Should I… If I… – FAIL.

All doubts and thoughts that cross a mind at different stages. Mostly before one even takes a plunge. If you never want to fail, here is the simplest mantra… Don’t even try something. ‘Cause the moment you try your chances of failing have multiplied.

So why try?

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The “Entrepreneur Nap”: Guilty as charged

entrepreneur nap

The secret of how to take an “entrepreneur nap” without any guilt and boast about it as well.

They say you’ve got to eat, drink and breathe your startup. But Sleep?

Why not? You are an entrepreneur. You are your own boss now. So nap it off my friends.

Look at the picture here. That’s me (not a shutterstock image), napping in my startup office (where the seeds of Living Local were planted), in the second month of starting my startup. And I am proudly sharing it. Well I thought it might just give a real picture to the fellow entrepreneurs who may have an unrealistic impression of how things work… like slogging their asses off at work.

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Acting Lesson every Entrepreneur should know

Actors & Entrepreneurs: The Common factor.

An acting lesson that good actors always remember that might help change the way people hear your pitch about your startup.

I would have never thought that one of the most important lessons that helps me in my entrepreneurial journey today is something I got in one of the acting classes I had taken long back.

One snowy winter evening in Pittsburgh, I finished my day job at IBM and went for the enrolled “Acting For the Camera” class at Pittsburgh Filmmakers Institute. Cut To: I am in front of the camera with a monologue to perform. When I was done my teacher asked how I felt. I said good. She asked “Did you believe it?”. I hesitated but nodded Yes. She smiled and said, “I didn’t”. Before I could ask why she continued, ”…because your eyes said something different. And eyes don’t lie”.

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Video Marketing: Pre-requisite for Startups

Where is my Pussy? #KissaePoochoon

"Where is my Pussy?" - A local residents dilemma. #KissaePoochon

Posted by on Monday, February 29, 2016

Video marketing falls on top of the reach and visibility for your brand.

In today’s smartphone age when everyone takes videos on their phones there should be no excuse for an entrepreneur to not have video marketing as part of their Social Media campaigns.

Videos were always inexpensive to make. Now they are almost free. What’s expensive is the creative part of it. The conceptualization and the vision. That’s what the whole game is about. Then it’s just about using the tools to put it in a 24 or 25 or 30 frames per second digital format.

I threw in there the basic technical jargon simply to not make you think it’s completely easy. I said inexpensive and almost free. Not easy. But it’s definitely easier than all the other big tasks an entrepreneur had taken upon self.

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